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Eprox Consulting provides support to renowned corporations, institutional asset managers and financial service providers in corporate treasury & asset management, liquidity management and risk management.

Have you reached excellence? Is the strategic orientation according to your expectations, are the operative processes efficient and the responsibilities within the organizational structure clearly determined? Can you rely in your daily activity on an efficient system? Do you receive and deliver all the relevant information in the required accuracy? Many factors must be combined and thoroughly handled in order to reach competitive advantage. An outside view often helps identifying potentials. Our team of specialized consultants supports you in conceptual and implementation oriented tasks.

An integrated consulting approach is required when it comes to the identification of multiple dependencies and the elaboration of optimal solutions. Along the way from the business concept to project implementation, tasks and project results have always to be kept in sink. Nonetheless it has to be assured that the system is implemented and optimized in accordance with your specific requirements.

For this purpose we can offer you an integrated service approach:

  • Business Consulting: operational, conceptional support, project management
  • Application Consulting: Implementation of Treasury and Management solutions, integration in the system environment as well as customer oriented enhancements
  • Technical Consulting: technical process optimization, system enlargement and system integration

Moreover we offer functional enhancements and additional modules in the SAP-TRM environment on SAP R/3 basis