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Reversal Tool (RETO)

Our reversal tool (RETO) offers you integrated control over the complex reversal process in SAP-TRM's transaction management for money market, foreign exchange and OTC-derivative instruments.

A treasury transaction is successfully settled, payments are executed according to the payment request and the account statement is already processed. Dependencies force the SAP standard to set locks at various steps in the record reconciliation procedure.
Due to a small mistake, the whole transaction must be cancelled. You know the difficulty of discovering all the relevant dependencies in order to reverse the transaction in the correct chronological order?
RETO will do all the work for you. All business transactions and postings including all the relevant interdependencies and reconciliation activities will be clearly displayed. It only takes a click to execute the reversal.

RETO offers the following functionality on top of reversal control of business transactions:

  • Reversal of single transaction events
  • Reversal of flows in multi-gaap ledgers
  • Reversal of operational valuations
  • Reversal of multi-gaap valuations
  • Reversal of interest accruals
  • Reversal of general ledger adjustments
  • Reversal of interest rate adjustments
  • Reversal of the account assignment reference transfer postings
  • Resolving of compensations

    RETO is an add-on to the SAP standard release. No modification is required at all and it supplements the SAP standard with a central access to the reversal process

    The functional coverage of RETO can be found in our flyer. Please call or use our contact request form to arrange an individual consultation appointment.