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Market Data Interface

The Market Date Interface is an Excel based data interface for the validation, calculation and entry of market data (price, currency rates, interest rate curves) for the SAP system.

Many paths lead into the SAP system. The market data maintenance reaches from the manual entry to the automated Online Datafeed. The high market data requirements in Treasury and Risk Management exclude a manual maintenance. Due to the high investment and operating costs an online data feed is no cost effective solution.

The data interface combines high automation and low costs and has reached market standard.  The SAP system processes the market data in a clearly defined structure, which is technically necessary but not especially user friendly. We are avoiding this disadvantage with an own user interface in MS Excel.

It is easily understandable for the user and with a single key-stroke it automatically generates a SAP conform file. This file will be stored in a predefined folder.

The Market Data Interface makes it possible to integrate several independent data suppliers in one platform if requested. Check routines, that test the consistency of each data record, guarantee a high degree of safety. 

For the set up of the interface data request files can be generated from SAP and imported into Excel. You can link the SAP market data key with the respective codes of the market data provider directly in the Excel file.

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