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Diploma Thesis

You are studying business informatics, business mathematics, business administration or a related subject and are planning to finish your studies with a practice-oriented diploma thesis?

We can offer you the following Corporate Treasury and / or Asset Management related topics. If you are interested in one of these topics or if you are looking for a suitable partner in the industry to discuss your own ideas, please contact us indicating the topic in which you are interested.

List of Topics

Marketing related topics

  • How can New Media be optimally used for Marketing Purposes for the Benefit of a small Treasury Consulting Company?
  • Development of a Marketing Concept for Consulting Services for Alternative Inhouse-Banking Solutions (Netting, Payment Factory, Payment-Collection-Factory).
  • Analysis of the Market Potential for Commodity-Trading-Systems. Systematic Categorization of the Business Requirements, Analysis of Available Solutions, Formulation of Functional and Technical Preconditions.

Liquidity Management

  • Formulation of a Feasibility Study for the Implementation of a Payment-Collection-Factory in an Affiliated Group provided that only the Inhouse-Bank maintains External Bank Relations.  
  • SWIFT for Corporates:  Formulation of a Cost-Benefit-Analysis.
  • Description of the Preconditions and the Feasibility of Alternative Inhouse-Banking Approaches (Netting, Payment Factory, Payment-Collection-Factory).


  • Systematic Development of the Requirements for Strategic Reporting and Analysis of Potential Reporting Solutions for Corporate Treasury or Asset Management. Formulation of the Functional and Technical Criteria for System Evaluation and for the Adequate System Approach (Operational Reporting, Data Warehouse).

Risk Management

  • Description of a Model for Currency Risk Management in Corporate Treasury based on the Information provided by a centrally managed Liquidity Forecast.
  • Formulation of an Interest Rate Risk Management Model in Corporate Treasury.

Financial Accounting

  • IFRS 9: Illustration of the Methodology for the Transition of the Requirements of IAS 39 to IFRS 9 in the Financial Accounting Function.

Thought Leadership in Corporate Treasury

  • Illustration of the Optimization Potential of the Integration of Online-Trading-Platforms with ERP-Systems.
  • Description of the possible Impact of Improved Straight-Through-Processing Functionality on the Treasury-Processes and the Tasks and Responsibilities in Corporate Treasury.
  • Analysis of the Value-Add Proposition of Improved Process Integration between the Financial Supply Chain and the Logistic Processes within a Corporation.



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